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December 6, 2013, Non Practicing Entities Newsclips

Acacia Subsidiary Partners with Owners of Patented Technology for Dynamic, 3-D Modeling Used for Energy Resource Exploration and Production (marketwatch.com)

Patent trolls are gobbling up restaurant innovation (Lisa Ingram /thehill.com)

Google-Backed Anti-Patent Troll Bill Passes The House ( Gregory Ferenstein  /techcrunch.com)

Perk up! Stimulating patent troll legislation brewing in Congress (David Gewirtz / zdnet.com)


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December 5, 2013, Non Practicing Entities Newsclips

Legal Insurance as a Commitment Strategy: A Solution to the Patent Troll Problem (David Friedman / daviddfriedman.blogspot.com)

Leahy tackles patent troll tactics (Dan D’Ambrosio /burlingtonfreepress.com)

Obama administration backs patent troll bill, House vote set for this week (Jacob Kastrenakes / theverge.com)

Retail, tech industry become latest players in the war on patent reform (STEFANIE MOSCA / insidecounsel.com)

The Power of No (James Bessen / slate.com)

Critics to Congress: Put the brakes on patent bill (Grant Gross /infoworld.com)

EDITORIAL: The trouble with trolls (washingtontimes.com)

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December 4, 2013, Non Practicing Entities Newsclips

Retailers plead for federal help in war against ‘patent trolls’ (Stephen Dinan and Seth McLaughlin /washingtontimes.com)

Law professors weigh in against abusive patent litigation by PAEs (Rob Tiller / opensource.com)

Washington Post Surprised by Obvious Actions (Alan Wexelblat / copyfight.corante.com)

University groups fear patent overhaul (bizjournals.com)

You Have 48 Hours to Stop Patent Trolls (eff.org)

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November 25, 2013, Non Practicing Entities Newsclips

Acacia Subsidiary Enters Into Settlement Agreement With Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc. (4-traders.com)

US House Passes Patent Anti-Troll Bill that Probably won’t Help (macobserver.com)

Newegg Battles World’s Most Litigious Patent Troll Over Bogus Claims Of ‘Inventing’ E-Commerce Encryption (Joe Mullin  / techdirt.com)

Intellectual Ventures faces novel attack on patent business (pehub.com)

FTC Extends Public Comment Period for Proposed Patent Assertion Entity Study (ipwatchdog.com)

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November 22, 2013, Non Practicing Entities Newsclips

Microsoft sues patent troll, saying it broke contract to license mobile tech (Jon Brodkin / arstechnica.com)

Consumer Costs of Patent Trolls (Steve Pociask / huffingtonpost.com)

Apple’s Website’s use of Shopping Cart Functionality Targeted in new Patent Lawsuit (patentlyapple.com)

Microsoft, IBM lobbying seen killing key anti-patent troll proposal (Brad Reed / bgr.com)

Software patent reform just died in the House, thanks to IBM and Microsoft (TIMOTHY B. LEE /washingtonpost.com)

IBM and Microsoft Just Gutted This Sensible Patent Bill (Anders Bylund /fool.com)

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November 21, 2013, Non Practicing Entities Newsclips

Patent Infringement Suit at Crossroads (Randy J. Stine / radioworld.com)

Titch: Patent reform getting long-overdue attention (Steven Titch / chron.com)

Sorry Apple Inc. (AAPL), Patent Trolls Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Ben Alberstadt  /nextiphonenews.com)

Goodlatte Patent Troll Bill Being Marked Up; Patent Lawyers Say Let AIA Work (Liza Porteus Viana / ip-watch.org)

Microsoft sues Acacia over smartphone patents (yahoo.com)

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November 20, 2013, Non Practicing Entities Newsclips

Lawyers call for patent troll legislation (JEFF BOUNDS / dallasnews.com)

U.S. Senate gets bill clamping down on ‘patent trolls’ (Diane Bartz / yahoo.com)

Senate Bill to Curb Patent Troll Abuses Introduced (Katy Bachman /adweek.com)

Startups Facing Increasing Problems Related to Patent Litigation (Alexander Callo / ipbrief.net)

‘Patent Troll’ Bills Moving Up in Senate and House (Andrew Ramonas / legaltimes.typepad.com)

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