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October 1, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Efforts Increase To Stop “Patent Trolls” (bluegrassbulletin.com)

FTC begins investigation into dark, depraved world of patent trolls (Rebecca Grant / venturebeat.com)

Judge tosses Apple motion, allows patent troll Lodsys to continue rampage (Joe Mullin  / arstechnica.com)

Forwarders find patent pit perilous (Adina Solomon / aircargoworld.com)

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Loses Battle Against Patent Troll (Anna Peel / valuewalk.com)


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August 20, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Trolling Effects (John Payne / robohub.org)

Drones That Combat Malaria (Dr. Bart Knols / huffingtonpost.com)

Major Companies Back U.S. Bill To Fight Patent Trolls (Charles Costa / midsizeinsider.com)

Intellectual Ventures Deploys In-House D.C. Lobbyist (legaltimes.typepad.com)

Protect Yourself From Patent Trolls (blog.chron.com)

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August 19, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

New York Times Co. (NYT), J.C. Penney (JCP) And Others Win Patent Troll Suit (Alexander C. Kaufman / ibtimes.com)

PAE Litigation Bludgeons Electronics Supply Chain (Nicole Lewis /ebnonline.com)

Judge Sides with NY Times Over SMS ‘Patent Troll’ (Lisa Shuchman /law.com)

Sask. companies targeted by ‘patent trolls’ (cbc.ca)

Rambus: We Are Focused on Products, Not Patents. (Anton Shilov / xbitlabs.com)

Protections for Cyber Patent Disputes (Jeffrey Roman / bankinfosecurity.com)

Proxy war: Bill Gates helps Motorola-suing patent troll get more patents (Brad Reed / bgr.com)


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August 16, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

The Myth of the “Patent Troll” Litigation Explosion (Adam Mossoff /truthonthemarket.com)

Tech GCs Sound Off on Fees, Trolls and ‘Going Native’ (Chelsea Allison / law.com)

The first step to fighting patent trolls is to limit software patents to five years (JEFF CANTER / pandodaily.com)

Patent Trolling Fight Forges Unusual Allies (Rob Stott /associationsnow.com)

Bill Gates still helping known patent trolls obtain more patents (arstechnica.com)

Bad Faith Patent Litigation Is Bad News For Plaintiffs (Jonathan R. Spivey, Jay Yates, LaTasha Mabry Snipes / natlawreview.com)


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August 14, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

The Paradox of Patent Assertion Entities (Thomas A. Hemphill / american.com)

Federal Court Invalidates Patent Troll Case Against EFI and Others (online.wsj.com)

EFF opens patent trolling site (Nick Farrell / fudzilla.com)

Patent Trolls and How to Avoid Them – Interview with attorney Jonathan Sobel (expertclick.com)

As patent trolling goes mainstream, so too does a lobbying group created to fight it (Catherine Ho /washingtonpost.com)

TrollingEffects.org To Help Potential Victims of Patent Trolls (yro.slashdot.org)


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August 12, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Throw (patent) trolls under bridge (JAMES R. COPLAND /politico.com)

PIA takes on patent troll on behalf of printers (graphicrepro.co.za)

Patent troll VirnetX expands patent suit against Apple (Cody Lee / idownloadblog.com)

Patent Haters Take Notice! University Innovation Fuels Robust Economic Activity (Gene Quinn / ipwatchdog.com)

What’s Next For Spherix? (seekingalpha.com)

Will US patent trolls soon be stomping to the UK? (Chris Thornham / v3.co.uk)

Nathan Myhrvold-connected shell corporation forced to settle with victim (Rob Beschizza / boingboing.net)

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August 2, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Acacia Subsidiary Enters into Settlement Agreement with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (heraldonline.com)

How Spherix Inc. Could Be Valued At $14-$61 Per Share (seekingalpha.com)

Address the patent trolls, but ignore the patent evaders (William Merritt / thehill.com)

A Factured Fairytale Part 3: More Patent Troll Myths (Steve Moore /ipwatchdog.com)

New Crowdsourcing Tool to Help Fight ‘Patent Trolls’ (Lisa Shuchman /law.com)

ITC releases public version of ALJ’s Initial Determination in InterDigital 3G patent case (Matt Rizzolo / essentialpatentblog.com)

InterDigital Director Unloads $80,000 in Stock (IDCC) (dailypolitical.com)

Comedian Marc Maron Gets Serious About ‘Patent Trolls’ (Brian Glaser / www.law.com)


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