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September 30, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

FTC opens investigation on patent trolls, wants more information about how they work (Adi Robertson /

Do British courts hold the key to slaying patent trolls? (RICH STEEVES /

FTC wants to investigate ‘patent trolls’ (Kate Tummarello /

FTC cracks down on patent companies, subpoenas may be on the way (Emily Parkhurst /

US Authorities (Finally) Going After Patent Trolls (Adam Clark Estes /

U.S. agency pushes toward study of ‘patent trolls’ (

Tech Exec Puts Up 1M To Fight Patent Trolls (Stephenie Nellis /


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September 27, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

EU’s Unified Patent Court could be vulnerable to patent “trolls”, tech companies warn (

Walker Digital Merger Complete, More Patent Lawsuits Coming (Gene Quinn /

InterDigital and Panasonic Mobile Communications Expand Patent License to Cover 4G (

Patent troll Lodsys demands $5,000 from Martha Stewart. That was a bad idea (Jeff John Roberts /

Tech giants warn against patent trolls in Europe (NINA FOWLER /

Judge Takes On Patent Troll With ‘Sham Employee’; Forces Troll To Defend Practice Before A Jury (Mike Masnick /

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September 26, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Transit app back on track after patent battle, with new support for BART & Caltrain (

Bill to Curb Patent Troll Abuses Taking Shape  (Katy Bachman /

Samsung and LG agree to cooperate on display patent matters (

Goodlatte’s Second Draft on Anti-Troll Legislation Drops, Adapts Provisions (

Judge orders patent troll to explain its ‘Mr. Sham’ to jury (Paul McNamara /


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September 25, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Patent trolls damage innovation here and across the country (MICHAEL BECKERMAN /

Troll-Killing Patent Reform One Step Closer (DANIEL NAZER /

ASI Semiconductor inks patent deal with Intellectual Ventures for transistor technology (Taylor Soper /

Universities struggle to make patents pay (Heidi Ledford /

Large patent holders hate this reform proposal. That’s a good sign. (Timothy B. Lee /

Patent Assertion Entities Plague Electronics Industry, Targeting Ordinary Folks for Monetary Gain (Vincent Po /

Proposed Law Would Rein in ‘Patent Troll’ Litigation (Andrew Ramonas /

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September 24, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Trolling for a Patent Policy Fix (Jeffrey A. Eisenach /

Study: Patent Trolls In US Use Business Method Patents To Target More Firms (Steven Seidenberg /

The Detrimental Effects of De-Fanging Industry’s “Animal Spirits” (VINNY SIDHU /

A patent troll takes a punch on the nose, but there are still (too) many (Caleb

Are ‘Patent Trolls’ guilty of extortion and racketeering? (RICH STEEVES /

Patent Lawsuit Threatens the use of Infrared Cameras for Home Inspectors (Reuben Saltzman /

Why do patent trolls love East Texas and Delaware? They win more there. (James Bessen /

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September 23, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips


EFF and App Developers Alliance to Court: It’s Time to Stop Lodsys (JULIE SAMUELS /

Red Hat warns world of patent trolls (Nick Farrell /

Unified Patents Challenges Clouding IP Patent as Part of Mission to Remove Patent Trolls from Cloud Storage Industry (

Marathon Patent Group: A Small Patent Company With Big Potential (Boris Marjanovic /

House Judiciary chairman readies tougher ‘patent troll’ bill (Brendan Sasso /

When Startups Seek Patent Trolls as Saviors, the System Has Failed (ADI KAMDAR /

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September 20, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

DDD Group Signs Development Agreement with InterDigital (Charles Gross /

Acacia Subsidiary Enters into Settlement and License Agreement with Oclaro, Inc. (

Angry entrepreneur replies to patent troll with racketeering lawsuit (Joe Mullin /

Troll Fighting: Anatomy of a Patent Lawsuit ( Joshua Brustein /

Patent Troll Nemesis Files For Review Of Troublesome ’799 Patent (

Walker Digital Holdings, LLC and GlobalOptions Group, Inc. Announce Completion of Merger (


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