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August 29, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

On Holiday – Back on September 9th. Will be searching for Patent Trolls under every bridge I find.


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August 28, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Bruning, Nebraska companies enveloped in patent litigation (RICHARD PIERSOL /

Patent seller Intellectual Ventures sets up its own lobbying effort in D.C. (Catherine Ho /

‘Patent trolls’ live to sue — but they only file 20% of patent suits (Chris O’Brien /

Acacia Subsidiary Enters into Settlement and License Agreement with Texas Instruments, Inc. (

Why Acacia Research Is Ready to Rebound ( Brian Pacampara /

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August 27, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

APTA settles patent suits (ADAM SNIDER /

Judge Sticks Up for End Users, Rules Against Text Message Troll (

“Scanner trolls” kicked out of Minnesota (Joe Mullin /

Government report finds “patent troll” narrative not straightforward (HAMISH MCKENZIE  /

Our Flawed Patent Process Is What’s Feeding Patent Trolls (DJ Pangburn /

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August 26, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Exposing The Patent Trolls (VIDEO) (Gary Bentley /

JD Supra Corporate Brief: Patent Trolls (Lance Godard /

Why China And India Could Disrupt The US Patent System (Matt Asay /

InterDigital Announces Arbitration Result, Issues Revenue Guidance for Third Quarter 2013 (

NRF hails GAO report on negative impact of patent trolls (

State patent protection initiatives on uncertain ground ( )

Patent Troll’s Misconduct Won’t Kill Day in Court (MARIA DINZEO /

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August 23, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Intellectual Ventures goes on offense (Tony Romm /

Massive Patent Troll Lodsys Drops Its Bogus Patent Lawsuit Which Was Filed To Silence A Critic (Mike Masnick /

Patent Trolls Won’t Hold Back Tesla’s China Plans (Justin Lloyd-Miller /

Cloud Communications Alliance Announces San Diego Meeting Agenda (

Minnesota: Patent Trolls Are Not Welcome Here (

Down with the patent trolls (Charles Duan /

Patent troll backs down, agrees to stop suing public transit agencies (Joe Mullin /



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August 22, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Patent trolls: Tracking down the litigious invention owners (Rory Cellan-Jones /

Forbes Contributors Recognize InterDigital Board Member’s Pivotal Apple Role (

Minn. orders alleged patent troll to stop (

Patent aggregator to get Minnesota OK for text of licensing letters (Dan Levine /

U.S. judge approves Kodak plan to exit bankruptcy (Nick Brown /




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August 21, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

InterDigital, a Company Where Billion-dollar Ideas Are Born (Steven Lee /

Eli Lilly Enters Unusual Patent Dispute (PETER LOFTUS /

Patent Law 2.0: Not the Answer the Developing World Needs (Dr. Kristina Lybecker /

Manhattan Institute issues report on “patent troll” litigation (

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