July 11, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Guest: FTC should avoid ‘Caddyshack’ approach with patent trolls (John “Jay” Jurata Jr. / seattletimes.com)

A New England Attorney General Is Trying To Beat An Alleged Patent Troll At Its Own Game (JUSTIN MCCABE /au.businessinsider.com)

Intellectual Ventures presses patent claims against banks (Jim Kim / fiercefinanceit.com)

How to Know a Patent Troll When You See One? You Can’t (Kal Raustiala and Christopher Jon Sprigman / business.time.com)

Patent Litigation: Too Much as Compared to What? (Brad Pedersen & Justin Woo / ipwatchdog.com)

Acacia’s subsidiary signs settlement agreement with Grandstream Networks (menafn.com)

Acacia Subsidiary Acquires Content Security Patents (acaciaresearch.com)


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