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July 31, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

A Fractured Fairy Tale: Separating Fact & Fiction on Patent Trolls (Steve Moore /

CHALLENGES OF DEFINING A PATENT TROLL (Brian W. Hannon and Margaret M. Welsh /


Counsel to the Trolls (


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July 30, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Chastise lawyers who empower patent trolls (JULIE ISON HALEY /

Acacia Research Corp (ACTG) CEO Hosts Investor Day (Transcript) (

Legal briefs: Law firms hire for their energy, patent groups (Catherine Ho /

Technology industry taking aim at patent trolls (MICHELLE QUINN /

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July 29, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

How To Thwart Broad Microsoft Patent App Using Microsoft’s Own Prior Art In Just 15 Minutes (Tim Cushing /

Patent trolls (David Farrar /

Jones Day Names Names, Markets Themselves As Defenders Against Intellectual Ventures (

Patent Law Broken, Abused to Stifle Innovation (PATRICK HALL /

How to slaughter a patent troll in 5 steps (KEVIN O’CONNOR /

IP Lawyers Meet in D.C. to Talk ‘Patent Troll’ Problems (Andrew Ramonas /

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July 26, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Red Light Camera Company Patent Troll Trial Advances (

Exclusive with Ray Niro: The Man They Call the Patent Troll (Gene Quinn /

Patent Trolls (Tino Mantella & Jon Potter /

Patent Troll Lobby to Descend on Congress  ( Katy Bachman /

IDCC: A Controversial Stock Not Worth The Risk (

New Gene Patent Suit Sparks Talk of Trolls (

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July 25, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Chien Named One of the “Top 50 Most Influential People in IP” (

Another State Catches Patent Troll Fever (Lisa  Shuchman /

Acacia Names Chief IP Officer from Renesas Electronics to Management Team (

White House Creates Task Force to Tackle Patent Trolls (Sandra Mardenfeld /

Ending the patent troll extortion racket (

Google Inc (GOOG),, Inc. (AMZN): Will This Troll Finally Go Away? (David Woodburn /

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July 24, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Is FTC targeting Intellectual Ventures? (Ben Miller /

‘Patent trolls’ strike fear in businesses large, small(

Why everyone despises patent trolls ( CECILE LeBLANC /

Large-scale NPE Economics: License or Litigate? (

Patent Trolls—Posner (

Patent Trolls Aren’t the Problem, Patents Are (SEAN MCELWEE /

Supermarkets’ solution to patent trolls: fight it out at the USPTO (Joe Mullin /

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July 23, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

MSOs and Non-Practicing Entities – Proposed Efforts to Level the Playing Field (George Medlock and Joshua Weeks /

Bruning investigates threats by Texas law firm (

Trolls vs. elves: A primer to patent Middle-earth (CARMEL DEAMICIS /

Acacia Research posts wide loss as legal, other costs rise (

Acacia Research Earnings: Here’s Why the Stock is Down Now (Derek Hoffman /

The best player for changing the patent troll game (Brian W. Hannon and Margaret M. Welsh /

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