April 12, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

The America Invents Act 500 Expanded: Effects of Patent Monetization Entities (Sara Jeruss & Robin Feldman & Thomas Ewing / papers.ssrn.com)

InterDigital asks Delaware court to dismiss Huawei, ZTE’s FRAND counterclaims ( Matt Rizzolo / essentialpatentblog.com)

Op-ed: Antitrust regulators ponder patent trolls—but they need to act (Michael Carrier / arstechnica.com)

Patent Trolls Go After Scan-to-Email Users  (JAMES JOYNER / outsidethebeltway.com)

Silicon Valley Seeks Answers for Patent Litigation Abuse (Gene Quinn / ipwatchdog.com)

Acacia Subsidiary Partners with Major Technology Company for Patent Portfolio Covering Microprocessor and Memory Technology (marketwatch.com)

No Patent for Simple Math: Uniloc USA Loses to Rackspace in Suit Pitting Patent Troll Against Open Source Software Company (Madison Mandell / ipbrief.net)


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