April 5, 2013 Non-Practicing Entity Newsclips

Acacia Subsidiary Enters into Settlement and License Agreement with Ventyx USA, Inc. (fortmilltimes.com)

Are Non Practicing Entity Patent Holders Significantly Undervalued? (Mike Arnold)

Let’s Judge Patent Rights by Harm to the Public — Not to Inventors (SAMSON VERMONT / wired.com)

Finally: This Is How to Fix the ‘Patent Fix’ We’re All In (JULIE SAMUELS / wired.com)

Article One Partners to Help Small Businesses Fight Patent Trolls (marketwatch.com)

Startups Realizing That Patent Trolls Are An Existential Threat (Mike Masnick / techdirt.com)

A distinction without a difference (Thom Holwerda / osnews.com)


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