October 28, 2012 NPE Newsclips

Vringo Litigation Against Google Looking Good (Georgi Dimitrov / seekingalpha.com)

Forbes weighs in on Vringo Litigation (Richard Finger / Forbes)

Nathan Myhrvold – Humanitarian Technologist? (Tom Paulson / humanosphere.org)

AON Announces Exclusive NPE Insurance Distribution From RPX (aon.com)

IV Patent Information Demands Gets Weird (Tom Ewing / anewdomain.net)

Ex-IV Lead Engineer At Stealth Energy Startup (John Cook/ geekwire.com)

IV Engineer Happy to Work On Converting Biomass Into Renewable Fuels And Chemicals (intellectualventureslab.com)

Patent Trolls = Plague? (wickershamsconscience.wordpress.com)

Law Firm Asserts NPE Litigation Not On Rise (kk-llp.com)

Apple Sued by NPE On RPI Assigned Patent Regarding Siri (patentlyapple.com)



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