Take A Chance With NPE Vringo?

The Website insidermonkey.com has an interesting post by Marshall Hargrave about NPE Vringo and its patent infringement action against Google, which has resulted in a  trial that began this week. Included in the post is a discussion about whether Vringo is a reasonable investment based on its patent portfolio. Hargrave’s conclusion:

“Vringo has a lot riding on this trail (SP), with the company operating with a negative equity of 1.4 million as of 2Q. There’s no doubt that if Vringo wins the lawsuit they will see quite the boost in stock price, but the question then becomes what does Vringo do with its winnings, go sue another company over patents? The fundamental with this way of operating is that patent suits tend to be very unpredictable. We believe that the potential upside does not make up for the potential downside that the stock will face if they lose the lawsuit to Google Inc.”

Please read the post in its entirety to learn more about Vringo, its patent portfolio, and the recent acquisition of Nokia patents which could lead to interesting downstream actions: http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/should-google-inc-goog-be-worried-about-this-tiny-tech-company-24350/


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  1. Thanks for the cite.

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