Catalyst Continues The Fight Against NPE Lone Star

In a post on its website e-discovery vendor  Catalyst Repository Systems proudly asserts that it is continuing its legal fight with NPE Lone Star Document Management, despite its e-discovery competitors folding their hands:

“On Friday, Lone Star announced that it had settled its lawsuit against e-discovery company Case Central, with Case Central signing a license agreement for the patent. That brought to 16 the number of companies that have signed license agreements with Lone Star, the announcement said.”

That leaves only two e-discovery vendors who have not settled with Lone Star, but Catalyst seems determined to fight on:

“This week, Tredennick reiterated his intent to fight the case. ‘We are still fighting this thing,’ he told Koblentz. ‘Somebody’s got to stand up for e-discovery around here. We certainly haven’t settled,’ Tredennick continued. ‘We’ll stand up for the e-discovery industry. The question plain and simple was whether somebody thought of putting images on a network for litigation before 1998.’ ”

For more see this link at Catalyst’s web site:


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