IV = Dark Empire?

Well, that’s how writer Jeff John Roberts refers to IV in a post at money.cnn.com:  “For the unfamiliar, IV is the dark empire of Nathan Myhrvold, a former Microsoft executive who gamed the patent system by amassing tens of thousands of often-flimsy patents and then threatening to sue everyone in sight.”

Needless to say Roberts is a fan of the recently announced IP Checkups’s project writing:

“More broadly, IP Checkups’ project could reframe public perception of IV’s activities. So far, Myhrvold has gulled the media with tales of IV’s marvelous inventions. This could change once it becomes easier to see the extent of the dirty work carried out by the shells and, just possibly, galvanize the federal government to drive an anti-trust stake into IV’s heart.”

I’m guessing that Roberts shouldn’t expect a Christmas card from IV this year.

See this link for the entire rant: http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/gigaom/articles/2012_10_15_analytics_firm_flushes_out_trolls_spawned_by_intellectual_ventures.html


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