IP Checkups Dirty Laundry?

Most commentators were pleased with the IP Checkups announcement that it was going to crowd-fund an investigation at IndieGogo to track and publish the holdings of Intellectual Ventures. Now comes a blog post from Gina Smith at anewdomain.net that sheds a different light on IP Checkups:

“The firm says it’s raising $80,000 to launch Case IV Thicket via crowd-source funding firm IndieGogo. It doesn’t mention that Irving S. Rappaport, a co-founder of IP Checkups, is an Intellectual Ventures-related inventor. According to public records obtained byaNewDomain.net, Rappaport is listed as a co-inventor on a patent with a cover that identifies as its owner a well-known Intellectual Ventures shell company, Rose Blush Software LLC, a Nevada LLC based in Los Altos, Calif.”

Did IV piss off the Senior Rappaport? What is IP Checkups true motivation here? More to come no doubt.  But an intriguing twist.

Here is a link to the article with much more information: http://anewdomain.net/2012/10/15/spin-control-firm-aiming-to-out-intellectual-ventures-run-by-an-iv-related-inventor/


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