IV Patents DRM For 3-D Printing?

In a post at technologyreview.com writer Antonio Regaldo reports on a patent that IV has just obtained:

“The patent basically covers the idea of digital rights management, or DRM, for 3-D printers. As with e-books that won’t open unless you pay Barnes & Noble and use its Nook reader, with Myhrvold’s technology your printer wouldn’t print unless you’ve paid up.

‘You load a file into your printer, then your printer checks to make sure it has the rights to make the object, to make it out of what material, how many times, and so on,’ says Michael Weinberg, a staff lawyer at the nonprofit Public Knowledge, who reviewed the patent at the request ofTechnology Review. ‘It’s a very broad patent.'”

Go this link for much more information about the IV patent, DRM, and a thought-provoking report about 3-D printing and the risks: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/429566/nathan-myhrvolds-cunning-plan-to-prevent-3-d/


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