New Paper Slams NPE’s

In a paper just published researchers Robin Feldman, Sara Jeruss, and Joshua Walker report on patent monetization entities (oh no another name for patent trolls!) and their effects on litigation.  Their summary states:

“The data confirm in a dramatic fashion what many scholars and commentators have suspected: patent monetization entities play a role in a substantial portion of the lawsuits filed today. Based on our sample, lawsuits filed by patent monetizers have increased from 22% of the cases filed five years ago to almost 40% of the cases filed in the most recent year. In addition, of the five parties in the sample who filed the greatest number of lawsuits during the period studied, four were monetizers and only one was an operating company.

Of additional note, universities, which are sometimes grouped with non-practicing entities on the theory that they do not make products, were almost invisible and accounted for only 0.2% of the cases in our sample. Finally, Patent monetizers were unlikely to advance very far in the trial process, generally settling prior to a summary judgment decision. Our article details these and other results of the study.”

BTW, Who are the “Fab Five”? Jens Erik Sorensen, Arrivalstar, Acacia and Guardian Media Technologies (all NPE’s) and Abbott Labs (an operating company). Who knew Abbott was so litigious?

To read the paper which has so much more to offer, go to this link:



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