New NPE Voices Patent Infringement By Apple, Google, And Samsung

Techcrunch reports that an NPE named Accredited Transcription Corporation has acquired rights to an off site transcription patent and is now asserting that patent against Apple, Google, and Samsung for voice recognition technology incorporated into the products of those companies.

The most interesting part of the Techcrunch report is this:

“ATC describes itself as ‘an entity formed for the purpose of establishing digital transcription technologies owned by a consortium of enterprises’. It was formed in Pennsylvania in 2011. Another company —  Accredited Business Consolidators Corp, which owns 15% of ATC’s stock — is managing and overseeing the patent prosecution program. Other members of the consortium include Pennsylvania Patent Prosecution Corporation, Dave’s Holding Company and Uno Dos Tres, Inc. A spokesman for ATC added that ‘other shareholders of ATC have not authorized us to release information’.”

Dave’s Holding Company? Who is Dave? Fascinating…..

Here is a link to the Techcrunch report:


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