Patent Troll Joao Controls Faces Prior Art Hurdle

See this blog post in which Jacques Mattheij describes his development in the mid-90’s of streaming video and payment systems, and then his later interactions with Patent Trolls Joao Controls and Acacia:

Yet another sad commentary on patents, Patent Trolls, and the Courts.

Perhaps the most important part of Mattheij’s blog post is this:

“If anybody out there finds themselves sued because of violation of patents regarding streaming video and payment systems then here is a standing offer to give you a full packet of data with a detailed timeline documenting the first use of streaming video on the world-wide-web, sample images from public broadcasts using this technology from well published events (such as World Media Live using the software to broadcast the ‘96 Yves St. Laurent fashion show but there were plenty of others before that, it took a while to gain traction), the first use of pay-per-view and subscription based access to streaming video and audio and many more such milestones. This offer is free of charge, if it should come to any form of testimony then I’m more than happy to go where ever it is needed if you pay my way (airfare + basic accomodation is fine) or to give remote testimony via – rich irony here – video link, in which case it is free.”



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