Original NPE Back In The Arena

Very interesting article in Corporate Counsel by writer Susan Hansen about Anthony Brown, the original Patent Troll. I particularly liked this part:

Back in 1998, when the former corporate partner at Jenner & Blocklaunched his first licensing firm—TechSearch LLC—Brown pretty much had the field to himself, he recalls. Now, he adds, not only are there a host of patent brokers running around, but increasingly, venture capital firms have spotted a profit-making opportunity. The result? A burgeoning new crop of well-financed NPEs have built up their own patent portfolios and joined the hunt for infringers. “It’s become a big-money business,” says Brown.

A big money business? Indeed.

For a good read, please go to this link: http://www.ctlawtribune.com/PubArticleCT.jsp?id=1347212100409&thepage=1


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