Techdirt Eviscerates “Patent Monetization” Law Firm

Mike Masnick in Techdirt has a few things to say about Capital Legal Group, PLLC that is offering an excessively broad cloud storage patent for sale:

“Oh yeah, did we mention the current patent holder isn’t doing anything with it? Right:

The patents are not licensed and have never been litigated. The patents are not encumbered and the seller does not need a license back.

No license back means for all the talk of how critical and important this is, the “inventors” (and I use that word loosely) did absolutely nothing with it. And if it’s never been licensed or litigated, that means there’s no evidence that whatever’s in the patent has ever even been seen by anyone doing work in this field, let alone used to further the market. Thus, the idea that these patents are “critical” to the market is flat out laughable.”

Note that the patent owner is in Europe. Also note that the Capital Legal Group, PLLC provides “contingency based patent monetization services…” Lovely.

Here is the link for more:



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