Techdirt Bitch Slaps Myhrvold

Watch the right hand slapping:

“As Techdirt reported, Myhrvold came up with what he obviously thinks is a winning riposte whenever people criticize IV’s business model based on industrial-scale patent trollery. He asks them: “How big is your malaria project?” His point being that IV does does have a malaria project, so this somehow makes up for all the bad stuff it does. There’s only one slight problem: that project offers little more than fantasy solutions.”

And here comes the left hand:

“So here’s a suggestion. If Myhrvold really wants to burnish the image of Intellectual Ventures through philanthropic activities, he should forget about appointing his VP of Global Good, and drop his fun but useless malaria program. Instead, he and his company should offer to pay all the costs for carrying out the clinical tests of this new anti-malarial drug, and for setting up a large-scale manufacturing program sufficient to treat everyone in the world that has the disease, or is at risk from it. Helping to circumvent problems caused by drug companies’ obsession with patents and exorbitant profits would be a truly fitting way to atone for the sins of Intellectual Ventures.”

Ouch! And double ouch!


And the link (enjoy the comments as well):


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