IV = International Patent Troll Of Mystery?

Author Rory Crump isn’t a fan of IV:

“At this point, Intellectual Ventures is not considered the protagonist it aims to be. Too many dark clouds bring IV closer to something some inventors should fear, not celebrate. And even closer to becoming a bad actor with the clout and muscle to become a bully when an alleged infringer crosses paths with IV’s vast patent portfolio. Misperception or not, Intellectual Ventures can’t escape the patent troll stigma. And working under a one-of-a-kind model yielding, by most standards, puny returns doesn’t help the cause. But Nathan Myhrvold found a way to lock up big money, from big investors, for a big, long time. So until further notice, he will be in the lab kitchen cooking his invention capital dream up for anyone buying.”

Read the entire diatribe at:



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