Techdirt Has The Dirt On Mobile Technologies LLC

Techdirt discusses the merits (or lack thereof)  of the Mobile Technologies LLC asserted patent claims and concludes with this disturbing paragraph:

“Buzzfeed is hardly the only lawsuit that Mobile Technologies LLC has filed either. The company has been a busy little bee. The sites it’s sued include Wetpaint, Publishers Clearing House, Glam Media, Evolve, BabyCenter,, DailyMotion, ProjectPlaylist, Justin TV and Radar Online, among many others. Oddly, I see that one of the inventors listed on the patent is Lior Cohen, which is the name of Warner Music’s CEO. I’m going to assume that this is not the same Lior Cohen, however. The patent was originally held by Adware LI Inc., and was then assigned to Everad, who later assigned it to EIP Company LLC. There isn’t an official assignment to Mobile Technologies LLC in the USPTO database, but that doesn’t mean anything. It could not yet be recorded or there may be shell companies involved or a licensing deal or who knows what. Either way, it’s yet another example of a mysterious patent holder with a broad patent using it against something completely different than what the patent is supposed to be about, and going after a ton of companies in the process.”

So, who’s behind Mobile Technologies LLC? IV?


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