LexMachina Joins The Patent Wars….As Switzerland?

Standford Law Professor Mark Lemley continues his professional (and personal) growth by co-founding LexMachina as the website Verge.com reports. LexMachina’s business proposition is:

“Each day, LexMachina crawls the web, extracting data and documents about hundreds of court cases. It uses natural language processing to scan this material and classify the parties and patents involved. ‘IP considerations have catapulted from a small corner of the legal department to the C-level suite and boardroom of most major companies today,’ says Dan Cooperman, formerly general counsel at Apple and Oracle. ‘Lex Machina provides essential intelligence for the transactions and disputes that comprise IP business strategy.’ ”


Of course, access to this clearinghouse of information is going to cost $10K (although for small companies there may be a discount).

Here’s a link to the website:



Oh, and how is this different from what PatentFreedom is providing?


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