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Patent Troll Humor

If this exchange of messages doesn’t make you laugh, well, there’s something wrong with you. Or, you work for IV. Haha, just kidding……………


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Inventor Imitates Don Quixote (Regarding AIA)

The New York Times has the engaging story of inventor Mark Stadnyk tilting at windmills and hoping that the Supremes will find AIA unconstitutional:


Oh, and they won’t……………

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New Troll Blue Spike LLC Sues With Abandon

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Another Strategy (That Survives AIA) For Patent Trolls

Nelson Capes of Briggs and Morgan describes a clever strategy for trolls to still monetize patents, even after AIA:

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Shocker! Slashdot readers bash IV

Apparently the future VP of Global Good at IV is going to have a tough job changing the hearts and minds of the Slashdot audience:

I particularly liked this post:

“Of note is how Myhrvold has applied his substantial intellect to rationalizing his behavior- a pity such superb intelligence exists side-by-side with such sub-par ethics.

“There were moments when he looked on evil simply as a mode through which he could realize his conception of the beautiful.”

Oscar Wilde”


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CRS Overview Of Patent Trolls Debate Published

The Congressional Research Services published the following report on Patent Trolls, written by Brian Yeh:

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Days Numbered For Patent Trolls?

This author and lawyer apparently thinks so, with passage of the Shield Act:

As for me? I don’t see the Shield Act passing any time soon and certainly not in its current form. And, even if it does pass, it alone is not going to stop the Patent Trolls. There is too much $ now at stake. They will find ways to survive, either here or overseas.

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