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Who’s in?

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Bessen Meurer Study Disputed

The website Global Tort includes excerpts from a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article disputing the now infamous Bessen Maurer Boston University study:

One key point:

“Greenspoon also said NPEs are vital in the overall American market for patents held by technology startup companies. Those patents hold value to investors because investors know NPEs will buy the patents if the startup business fails, Greenspoon said.”


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Great Smartphone Patent Thicket Article

Foss Patents reports on the absurd jury finding for Mformation Technologies against RIM and the potential impact on smartphones:

Well Done!

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Delaware Based Troll Sued Facebook & Linked In

Parallel Iron has already sued Apple and others for a patent relating to common open-source storage framework known as the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

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Is IV “Glenda” Or “The Wicked Witch Of The West”?

You make the call. IV employee obviously picks Glenda:

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Is Lodsys A “Front” For IV

IV says no, but others are more suspicious. Lodsys has few fans it seems, and most would applaud Creative Mobil’s response:

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Disturbing NPE Report

Interesting article on Corporate Counsel by Elizabeth Hampton summarizing a report from a Napa Valley conference of IP  companies last year with this key finding:

“In a new report documenting the findings of the summit, attendees—which included 10 of the top 30 targets for non-practicing entities (NPEs, aka, “patent trolls”)—indicated a 22 percent increase in NPE litigation. Of the companies that participated in the summit, more than one-third have 50 or more active IP litigation matters, and 75 percent of all litigation involving participants were NPE suits.”


75% percent? That just seems wrong.

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