1st Draft NPE List Available

This NPE list will continue to  be supplemented and enhanced, and made available at this website at no charge. If anyone has other NPE’s that should be added to this list, please advise. If there are any other thoughts on other information that should be added to this list, also pass that on.

Additional information related to NPE’s is being considered and will be supplied through this website. More details will be forthcoming later.

Some of the companies on the list (Yahoo, Qualcomm, etc.) are not considered as NPE’s by some, but due to their enforcement of patents they have been added to the list.

NPE List



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2 responses to “1st Draft NPE List Available

  1. Lyle Gravatt

    Please see Slide 24 at http://svmf.org/document/Endo_SVMF_20110831.pdf for more NPEs…

    According to Patent Freedom, there are currently 640 parent NPEs, with over 1500 subsidiaries. Good luck with this list…

  2. Thanks. This will be more daunting than I first thought, since IV alone has almost 1300 Shell Companies according to the Stanford report. But, at least my list, however incomplete, will be free 🙂

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